My little pack of puppies on the Palouse

Current Dogs

  • Maple: Maple Cassidy UDX RAE RM JH (6/26/2009), Golden Retriever
  • Pinyon: Pinyon Cassidy UD RM JH (3/28/2016), Golden Retriever

Forever in my Heart

  • Alder: Alder Cassidy CDX RAE2 (2006-2019), Standard Poodle
  • Camas: Camas Cassidy CD RA (1998-2014), Mixed Breed (BC cross?)
  • Burka (2000-2014), Mixed Breed (shepherd/husky?)
  • Popcorn (1993-2007), Brittany
  • Cedar: Cedar Cassidy NA OAJ (1996-2006), Standard Poodle
  • Hemlock: Graphic Tsuga CD (1993-2006), Standard Poodle